Orienteering events in Asia, virtual and physical

Orienteering events are returning to Asia.

We’re seeing the light in the tunnel of the coronavirus pandemic, and orienteering events are continuing or resuming. Here we’ll make a brief report on where virtual and physical events are going on in Asia.


Virtual events

Besides the Let’s Go Thailand! virtual orienteering competition that’s running until 13 June, we’ve a few more virtual orienteering tours on app.metrunner.com.

Physical events

While lockdowns and assembly restrictions are still going on in some places of the world, physical events of a smaller scale are still happening.


In Taiwan, where the pandemic has been successfully kept in check, the orienteering scene is still active with many physical events going on. Ohelper.tw, a Facebook page run by orienteers in Taiwan, keeps on adding upcoming events to its list.

Hong Kong’s orienteering federation started to use Eventor this year, thanks to a cooperation with the Swedish Orienteering Federation (SOFT) which produces and markets that platform. Some physical events are going on over the summer in Hong Kong, provided that the pandemic restrictions are to be further relaxed.

In Mainland China, where the pandemic is largely considered to have ended, a multi-stage colour-coded event marketed as the Decathlon Cup started in the southern city of Guangzhou last weekend on 24 May. Colour codes are used in countries like Sweden and the United Kingdom to show the difficulty of orienteering courses. Guangzhou’s event likely took reference from Hong Kong’s colour-coded events, in turn introduced from the United Kingdom, with white being the easiest course and brown the hardest.


Orienteers all over the world are hoping that lifting of restrictions and opening of borders will enable the orienteering world to pick up again. Where will you go for your next event after the pandemic?